What We Believe

Our Church Vision

We are committed to loving our God and loving our neighbour.

We seek to do that through:

W – Worship
I – Instruction/ Discipleship
S – Service
E – Evangelism

We exist for the glory of God. We worship God not just through attending church, but with our whole lives.

We support one another in their walk with the Lord so we can understand him better, grow in our love of him, and follow him more closely. We do this through hearing the word preached each week, through encouraging one another, reading the bible and praying together.

Loving our neighbour in how we serve one another as a church family and how we reach out to our community of Cumbernauld

The bible calls us to share the Good News of the gospel with those who don’t know him, both locally and all over the world.

What is a Free Church?

Though many churches believe this core message, there are many denominations with slight differences in structure.

Our Church denomination is called the Free Church of Scotland.

What makes us different is we are Presbyterian. Presbyterian means that our congregation is governed by elders. Presbyterianism also involves being connected with other Free Churches in the denomination. This results in fellowship, support and accountability.

We sing both Psalms and Hymns in our worship.

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