Benson Mugyenyi


Benson serves our church through preaching and teaching and pastoral visits.

Colin Nicolson


Colin serves through preaching and teaching. You also might find Colin behind the grill at one of our church barbeques!

Colin MacDonald


Colin and his wife Lillian have dedicated many years to serving our church in many different ways since it opened in in 1970.

Joshua Asiimwe


Joshua is involved our church youth work, he also co-ordinates our church communication.

Charles Muir


Charles is great at welcoming new people and is very involved in the practical running of the church.

Fraser Ridley


Fraser is involved in working with our young people. He is also our go-to tech man.

Ewen Morrison


Ewen serves through leading our worship on Sundays, he is also involved in the practical running of the church.

Margaret Riley

Church Treasurer & Community Worker

Margaret has been a great asset to our team. Among many things, she raises funds to support our outreach work in the community.

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